Larney Sparkle Krispie Slices

Ag everyone likes a Rice Krispie Treat – it is sticky, crunchy, sweet and moreish for days. But more importantly it is easy for days. So why not glam up ma’s favourite and make sparkilicious Larney Choc-Pretzle-Rolo-Nut Krispie Slices – what a mouthful… a delicious mouthful. Anyhow, it’s yummy and fancy pants and the grownup version of that yesteryear favourite.


So enough with the formalities – let’s get into the making of this yumminess …





 Before you start, crush the nuts and pulverise the pretzels; if you don’t have fancy pants equipment, use the method used in Oh, My Sparkle Balls!


 Take a glass dish and line with a silicone mat or baking paper sprayed with non-stick spray. This just makes your life easier when you need to cut the slices; because who has a chainsaw or grinder handy in the kitchen?



 Then snap the milk chocolate and Rolo Chocolate into a microwave-safe bowl and plop 4 Tbsps. of peanut butter on top. Melt in the microwave for one minute, take out stir and then melt in ten second increments (until melted). Don’t burn.



 In the meanwhile, place the butter, cream, 1 Tbsp. of peanut butter, and the marshmallows in a saucepan.



 And melt down over a medium heat …



 Once it looks like a pinkish alien goo, pour in the Rice Krispies and then the melted chocolate and mix so that it looks covered in the yumminess.



 Spoon in the glass bowl – once placed – lightly sprinkle the pretzel dust evenly on top.



 Melt the dark chocolate (one minute – ten second increment method). Evenly pour over the krispies-pretzel base. Then sprinkle the crushed peanuts on top. Place in the fridge to set.



 Once the dark chocolate is hard, remove the block of yumminess from the glass container. Use a carving knife (mind your phalanges) and cut in slices. Cut into smaller pieces than the pictures. Sprinkle over edible glitter for added glam.



 P.S This is super yum with plain vanilla ice-cream.



Mmmmmm sparkly food …


Download the Larney Sparkle Krispie Slices Recipe

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