Did You Know? 15 Amazing Facts About Your Dog

There is no doubt, dogs are amazing. Intelligent, cute, a cup of sunshine on a cloudy day and the being that thinks you are just the most pawesome person alive. So naturally – we are dog-ga-ga. And with that being said, let’s delve even deeper into the amazingness of your pooch with these little-known facts.


#1 Did You Know?


Patting your dog


Did you know that when you pat your pooch – stroke his head, belly and pat him/her for being “such a good boy/girl” – you can lower their blood pressure? Now if only that could work for humans…


#2 Did You Know?

Did you know dogs, like cats, curl up as an ancient instinct to protect their vital organs and keep themselves warm while they sleep? If your Ruff sleeps on his back sometimes, it’s probably because he/she thinks your home is the best and safest place in the world and you are the best owner. Good news, if Fluffy doesn’t lie on his back it’s probably because he/she thinks your home is the best and safest place in the world and you are the best owner. #ItsaDogThing


#3 Did You Know?


Dog swimming


Have you ever wondered why your pup loves running through disgusting bilharzia looking water, loves playing in mud that suspiciously smells like something else brown and runny, and anything that smells… well, off? That will be due to them thinking it smells heavenly, divine and like the best thing in the world – second to you of course. So that leads to this did you know fact – did you know, you and your dog have different sense of smells :-)? Yip, of course you did. Please share any funny stories in the comment section.


#4 Did You Know?


Dog nose


Did you know that your doggie has a wet nose because it helps them absorb scents? His/her sense of smell is also about ten thousand times stronger than humans. Which makes it slightly scary to think they love smelly things (smelly to us that is).


#5 Did You Know?


Nose like a fingerprint


Well, we are on the nosey topic… did you know that a dog’s nose print is as unique as a human fingerprint?


#6 Did You Know?


Dog on clothing helps with seperation anxiety


Many pooches suffer from separation anxiety when their owners leave the house. If you are not certain if your fluffy falls in this category – ask your neighbours. They’ll let you know if they bark excessively and whine and whimper when you go fetch your post, or pop to the shops for bread and milk. Anyway… did you know that you can ease your dog by leaving them a piece of clothing that you have worn/smells like you, when you have to leave home. Your scent is actually a great comfort to them. Aaaa… doesn’t your heart just pump warm custard at the thought?


#7 Did You Know?


Service dogs


Have we discussed how amazing dogs are? Did you know dogs can be trained to pick up changes in the human body? Specially trained service dogs can alert patients that are about to have a seizure, of the fact, or a diabetic alert dog will let their owners know if their insulin levels drop. Talk about man’s best friend!


#8 Did You Know?


Sweat glands in paws


How do dogs sweat? Well, this may surprise you. Did you know dog’s sweat glands are situated in their feet? So, yes, they sweat through their feet.


#9 Did You Know?



Did you know, dogs have over a dozen muscles per ear that control their ear’s movement? And they can hear about four times the distance of humans. So, listen to your dog; his/her hearing will go the distance.


#10 Did You Know?



Sad Basset Hound


Did you know, if a doggy isn’t spayed or neutered, a couple (a female and male dog) can produce 67 thousand offspring in six years? If we see how overfull shelters and the SPCA are – we can see how important it is to spay and neuter our fur-kids.


#11 Did You Know?


Golden Retriever


Bella? Trixie? Spot? No. Did you know, the most popular dog name is Max! Please share all your fur-kids’ names in the comment section below. It’s always interesting to hear the creativity owners show, when naming their pets.


#12 Did You Know?


Border Collie Whiskers


Did you know, what a dog’s whiskers are technically called? A dog’s whiskers — found on the muzzle, above the eyes and below the jaws — are technically known as vibrissae. Vibrissae are touch-sensitive and can actually detect tiny changes in airflow.


#13 Did You Know?




Did you know, not all dog breeds can swim? Dogs like pugs, daschunds, maltese, bulldogs, basset hounds, chows, corgis, and boxers can’t swim. And although there are always exceptions to the rules, these breeds should be heavily supervised around water.


#14 Did You Know?

You are probably aware that there is a difference between pup and human years. Did you know how old your doggie really is? Ta-da:


dog's age in human years (1)


#15 Did You Know?


French bull dog


Ever wondered why your dog has so much love for you? Well, that may be a matter of the heart! Did you know, your dog’s heart beats 50 times faster than the average human’s heart?


There is a quote about dogs that says: “Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love. They depart to teach us about loss; a new dog never replaces and old dog… it merely expands the heart.” And that pretty much also sums up the awesome did you know facts about dogs.




Leave us a comment below. It’s always awesome to hear from readers and their fur-kids.


3 thoughts on “Did You Know? 15 Amazing Facts About Your Dog

  1. Otto, Jorge, Maja, dachshunds. Gigi Rescue Africanus. Lovely facts.

    1. Hi Colleen

      Ah, Lovely names. I remember reading the Otto books when I was a little girl.

      Super names and Dachies are just the best! Ah, I am sure Gigi is blessed to be part of the family; as I am sure you are blessed to have her.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment.

      Have a lovely day and give all the fur-kids a pat and cuddle from me.

      Warm regards
      Sparkle Ellie

  2. Mary
    my dogs name is Celine and you’re facts are amazing they really inspired me. Also i didn’t know same of them and also they can help me for my topic project which is to do with life cycle any think you wont and i just picked dogs because they are cute and i have a dog. How many dog do you have and what are there names? last but not least i youst to be scared of dogs but because my sisster really wonted won she wonted it for 3 years so it took me 1 month for me to get used to eat but now i play with my dog a lot of times.

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