Easy-To-Make Decadent Chocolate Brownies

These brownies are the talking point of every party because they are just that yummy. And it has nothing to do with the hands that make them. I dare the worst baker to make them and be hailed as Cake Boss – well, at least Brownie Boss.


What is super about them is that you tailor-make them to your sparkle crowd – Crunchies, Rolos, Peppermint Crisp, Lunch Bar, Milk Chocolate, KitKat (white, milk and dark), cookies, Smarties, BarOne, hazelnut chocolate – you name it – any filling or combo of fillings work! It’s all yum. And these brownies, make an excellent gift (especially if you pair it with Sparkle Nut Brittle, Oh, My Sparkle Balls or Sparkle Crack) – EXTRA BROWNIE POINTS. 😊



And, you can use any Brownie Mix and it still turns out deeeeelicious!

So, sparkle talks aside let’s get down to brownie business.


What You Need:



  • Any Brownie Mix and the Ingredients on the Box

  • Chocolate/s of Your Choice (Filling)

  • Baking Paper

  • Non-Stick Spray

  • Icing Sugar (To Sprinkle)

  • Sprinkles, Edible Glitter, Smarties


How To Make It:


#1 Preheat the oven to 170˚ C.

#2 Follow the brownie packs instructions; don’t use a mixer and don’t overmix. Once the mix is smooth, set aside.



#3 Prepare a square pan (or two if you double the recipe). Cut a sheet of baking paper and fold into the pan.



#4 Use clips or washing pegs to hold the paper in place.



#5 Pour half of the brownie mix into the pan.



#6 Break, the chocolate you have chosen for the filling, up and place in the pan. Put it in the mix. If you OCD don’t look at the picture; and place symmetrically. If you are messy – look at the picture.



#7 Pour over the rest of the brownie batter to cover the chocolate. Smooth with a scraper or spoon to ensure the chocolate bits are all covered.



#8 Pop in the oven for 35 to 40 minutes. The centre must still be gooey – so don’t overbake.



#9 Let the brownies stand overnight or place it, pan-and-all in the fridge. Make sure the centre is cool before you remove it from the pan.



#10 Use a sieve or tea-strainer to shower the brownies with icing sugar and edible glitter.



#11 Once cooled properly, cut into squares (don’t cut into equal squares some unhappy people “just want to taste” – others are legit and take life seriously and what to omnomnomnom your brownies – cater for both).



#12 Finish with sprinkles, or smarties or chocolate shavings.


Easy To Make Decadent Chocolate Brownies


And – now enjoy!


If it is a gift place it in a container or tin with a beautiful serviette and close with a bow.

Sparkle Trunk Gift: Brownies with Oh, My Sparkle Balls and Crunchie Shavings.


PS. Brownies taste their best on day 3 – if you can last. In summer, place in the fridge and of course you can frost the brownies if you like.


Download the Recipe



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