Sparkle Chocolate Pretzel Crack

Sparkle Chocolate Pretzel Crack is so named because of its sparkles and sprinkles, its yummy chocolatiness, the salty crunchy pretzels used and of course the crack bit because it is highly addictive. This recipe is the kissing cousin of Ellie’s Sparkle Crack. And is just as easy to make!


This is the perfect crowd-pleaser and great for adult and kiddies’ parties alike. Caution – this is highly addictive so make at own risk.





  • Big Bag of Pretzels

  • Small Bag of Pretzel Sticks

  • 150 g Marshmallows

  • 100 g Unsalted Butter

  • 2 Big Slabs of White Chocolate (or 4 Small Slabs)

  • Sprinkles (Edible Glitter, Smarties, Crunchie Shavings, Other Sprinkles)




#1 Get all the ingredients ready and line a dish with a silicone mat or baking paper sprayed with non-stick spray.



#2 Pour the big bag of pretzels in the lined dish.



#3 In an old ugly pot, meltdown the marshmallows and butter on a low-medium heat.



#4 In the meanwhile, break up the white chocolate and place in a microwave-safe bowl. Melt in the microwave firstly for one minute, take out and stir and then place back and remove every 10 – 15 seconds; stirring after each interval.



#5 Once the marshmallows are melted down and gooey-looking remove from the heat.



#6 Pour over the pretzels in the lined dish.



#7 Stir the marshmallows into the pretzels. Snap the pretzel sticks in at this stage and stir in too. Make sure that the marshmallows don’t all sink to the bottom (if this happens your pretzel crack will cement to the mat/baking paper).



#8 Now, remove the melted chocolate from the microwave.



#9 Evenly pour the white chocolate over the marshmallow pretzels.



#10 Decorate the pretzel crack the way you like it – sprinkles, edible glitter, coarse salt, smarties.



#11 Allow it to set in the fridge or on the counter during winter. Snap into portions (never even and never neat).





Sparkle Chocolate Pretzel Crack


What if you don’t like white chocolate? Well, then make it with milk chocolate!  TADA…



Just one more…



Download the Sparkle Chocolate Pretzel Crack



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