Somewhere, some jealous dog snob* spread a rumour and for some reason, it stuck. And this rumour still circulates social media, tea break rooms and the like, to this day. The absolute horrendous fallacy/ aberration of a rumour that cats don’t love their owners. The people who believe this has 1) never owned a cat or 2) have never learnt how to speak fluent cat. But have no fear this blog is here to expose the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the meowriffic truth.


*Dog Snob: A cat hater and sceptic that hates cats no matter what. Not to be confused with a Dog Lover or Animal Lover. A Dog Snob is a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devouted to his or her own opinions and prejudices against cats.


Here are 18 Signs that Your Cat Loves You…


#1 When Your Cat Bakes Biscuits On You


You know that funny kneading action your kitty does on blankets and you? Well, this is meow-talk for “I love you”.


Kitty’s “knead” their biological moms when drinking milk. So, if your kitty is kneading your lap or right next to you it is quite an intimate moment. It may also be your kitty’s way of returning the affection you bestowed on him/her and calling you “momma” or “papa” in cat speak.


Unfortunately, this can be rather painful because kitties love the wobbly bits like tummies or thighs when “baking biscuits” on you. But you know it’s common knowledge that love sometimes hurts 😊



#2 When You Receive Generous Gifts



Have you ever woken up at night with the sound of a giant moth fluttering its dying breath on your pillow? Or found a biltong-ed mouse, a half-eaten snake, a squished locust or chicken-wing and head of a dove in your bed? Yes – because your cat loves you.


But seriously – the half-goggas, leaves, hairballs, stolen items (like Lego) are all, love gifts. And… although most of the gifts are often unwelcome, it’s important for cat-parents to make positive oohs and aahhhhs and purrs at the presents. Nobody likes ungrateful parents.



#3 When They Boop You


The boop or the kitty head-butt seems odd if you are not used to cats. But this is actually a real indication that your kitty adores you. Cats have scent glands all over their bodies but especially in their cheeks and heads. So, by your kitties head-booping you, they are putting their scent on you and making you smell like family.


According to MNN.com having: “This scent is a source of both comfort and familiarity for your kitty”. So, enjoy the booping. 😊


#4 When They Stare Into Your Soul And Slow-Blink


Have you ever sat or plonked down on your couch or bed and you feel the intensity of Bagira, Tiger, Mr Jinx, Bella, Socks, Lulubelle, Kuhie, Gizmo or Snowball, as he or she stares deeply into your soul? You can’t quite discern if those intense, loving, serial killing eyes show a deep desire to eat or kill you, or a deep intense love that no human can have ever experienced… And then just when you think you can’t stand the intensity of the moment… your fluffy-half blinks and then blinks again…


Staring at you and slowly blinking is a way in which your cat shows you great affection. Step aside Catanova…



According to Dr Karen Becker from Health Pets: “If your kitty first stares at you, then blinks, then opens his eyes wide, then slowly blinks a second time, he’s telling you he loves and trusts you”. She says this is an extreme sign of affection… “It’s the equivalent of being kissed”.


And if you slow blink back… your cat will do it back to you (unless you have witnesses, or around dog snobs… then they’ll ditch you faster than luck at a casino; because public displays of affection or so canine-esque).


#5 When You Privy To Some Belly Time



If your fur-baby flashes his/her fluffy belly – it’s a trap. A love trap! The flashing of the tummy is one way that your cat is saying “I love you, momma or papa”.


It’s an extremely vulnerable position for your kitty to be in. By lying on his/her back all his/her organs are exposed. So, by lying on their back, they are saying they trust you. Every true love relationship is built on trust.


IHeartCats.com explains that “Like most animals, cats do not show their stomachs to just anyone. If your cat rolls over on its back to give you a flash of that fuzzy belly, this is an indication that they feel comfortable around you. Not only this, but they feel loved and protected by you, rendering themselves defenceless while on their backs”.


So, feel honoured and loved when you get some belly-views.


#6 When The Tail Curves And Quivers

The tail is a super indicator what mood your Kitty is in. For example, if you come home and the base of your kitty’s tail quivers while the top curls, it is an expression of affection, love and happiness.


So, if you see the quiver, it’s just another sign that you are dearly, dearly loved.


#7 When You Get Love Nips or Chews


Has your cat ever nipped you, or pushed his/her teeth against your forearm or body? Or tried to “eat” you while you were sleeping? Well, guess who is telling you, they love you!


The kitty love bite may be painful to you at times – but your kitty has no idea he/she is hurting you – so don’t get catty. Love nips are normal amongst cats and their skin are just a little tougher than yours. So, feel honoured every time you get a loving nip or two.



#8 When Your Legs Get Some TLC



Like with the boop, when your furball rubs against your legs they are telling you they love you (especially when you are busy with tuna).  Even though you may not appreciate this gesture when you just rolled your black tights or pants to rid it of fur, it’s important for you to allow your kitty to rub against you for your relationship.


Dr Karen Becker from Health Pets explains that “Rubbing against another creature is how cats show affection. If your kitty rubs up against your leg… he’s putting his scent on you as a way of claiming you as his own. It’s important to your relationship and bond with your cat to allow him to rub against you”.


So, keep the roller for work and car and allow your kitty to lavish his/her love all over you.


#9 When You Get the Purr-Purr Meh Sounds


Although purrs can indicate several things (sometimes fear, self-soothing or discomfort) there is a lovepurr. If you touch your cat and they start to purr or lay on your chest or body and purr this indicates they love you. Also, when your kitty is more playful it can include a purr-meh or purr-chirp or trill.



According to a certified expert at theSprucepets.com: “Cats love with purrs. Her purrs can mean a variety of things, from delight to expressions of concern…When your cat purrs in your presence, you can be sure she’s expressing her love for you”.



So, return the “purr-purr-mehs”, with “yes, yes I love you too little one”.


#10. When You Have A Tail


If you are working on your laptop and Socks is there, or your bathing and Lulu is sitting right next to you, or you are on the loo, in the kitchen, busy studying the newspapers and Houdini is with you, trying to climb on whatever you are concentrating on – you are loved, my feline-loving friend.


If your cat follows you around like a tail, or always seems to be in the same area as you, you are treasured by your fluffy.


MNN.com says a good way to test is if your cat continues to follow you, even after you have fed them.



#11 When You Get Greeted At The Door


Now, this isn’t always fool-proof because cat-naps are extremely important and so is hunting. But when not in lala-land chasing birds or in the garden doing the same, if your furry-half greets you at the door when you arrive home, you are loved.


#12 When You Hear Meow



Closely related to the purrs, meows are also a way your cat is telling he or she wants to communicate with you and communication is key in a loving relationship. Cats don’t meow at other cats like they do with humans. They have picked up that humans are vocal mammals and hence become vocal to “chatter” with you’; because they meowing-love you.



#13 When They Tolerate Behaviour



All cat guardians will know that each cat has likes, dislikes, and hell no’s. And each cat is totally unique. If you know one of your cats doesn’t like to be picked up and cuddled but tolerates it because you love, picking her up and cuddling her – that’s love. And you know of many instances that your cat tolerates your behaviour, purely out of love.



#14 When They Try To Wake You Up



All cat parents know the 3-am-wake-up-call. When your Snuffles jumps in your dustbin and starts licking the plastic or jumps on your bedside table and swipes it clean, or unpacks your drawer or licks your nose face or boops you with their paws until you wake up.


This may not be favourable behaviour, but it is because your fur-baby misses you and wants their loved one alive enjoying the zoomies with them.


#15 When They Pull You A Little Closer


If you are sitting and minding your own business or sleeping… and kitty uses his/her paws to claw you closer whether they want more pats or love or just your attention, they are saying “I love you; now love me back”.


#16 When You Are Groomed


When your fluffy-half starts to groom you, lick your hands, nose, feet or hair just know you are loved and that you have been upgraded as part of the family.


#17 When They Are A Little Jealous



When your little one gets jealous of you, you are loved. Whether, your kitty acts jealous when you give their furry-half-siblings a little TLC or jealous of other humans, jealousy or a little possessiveness shows a whole lot of love.


#18 When They Shred You Furniture



Meticulously shredding your furniture takes time and commitment. No kitty will do it unless they are happy to stick around and because they love their guardian. Now, buying them several cat poles might help but they like to etch their love into something more permanent, something more important to you. See the shredding as your kitty’s way of tattooing “I ♥ Mum” on something for you.



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