Amarula Nut Churros

Who doesn’t love Spanish Churros with a chocolate dipping sauce? People that haven’t tried it. Who doesn’t like Amarula Nut Churros with a BarOne-and-Amarula dipping sauce? Well, the same. People who haven’t tried it.

This recipe sounds more complex than it is and contrary to some of the photos in the blog, you don’t need fancy equipment (although it does make life easier); without the equipment, you get to burn some calories – yay, exercise that’s worth it.



And eggs (that egg-scaped the picture).



  • 1 Cup of Amarula

  • ¼ Cup of Unsalted Butter

  • 2 Tsps. of Sugar

  • 2/3 Cups of All Purpose Flour

  • 2 Large Free Range Eggs

  • Oil for Frying


  • ½ Cup of Sugar

  • 1 Tbsp. of Ground Cinnamon

  • Ground Peanuts (Optional)

  • Sprinkles and Edible Glitter (Very Optional)


  • 3-4 x 55g BarOnes

  • ½ Cup of Amarula* (More If Too Thick) *Can Substitute with Cream

  • 1/2 Tsp. of Vanilla Essence

  • Ground Peanuts (Optional)

  • Edible Gold Glitter and Rainbow Sprinkles (Very Optional)





#1 Get out a large ugly pot (the uglier pots always seem to work best); pour in your Amarula, butter, sugar and bring the mixture to a boil.


Te lekker!



#2 Once the mixture has boiled add the flour. Stir until the dough is mixed-through and starts balling up.


Churro dough (not sweet potato).



#3 Remove and place the dough in a mixing bowl either of a stand mixer or in a normal bowl if you will be mixing it the old-fashioned way  (with your “guns”).


Steamy stuff…



#4 On a low speed mix the dough until all the steam stops escaping from the mix.




#5 Only once the steam has stopped, add the eggs and mix slightly faster. Mix until the eggs are well-combined with the dough. Set aside the mix for now.

Adequately paddled.



#6 Mix the sugar and cinnamon in a tray ready for dipping the churros.



#7 Chop the BarOnes, get the Amarula and vanilla essence ready for the sauce (to meltdown once the churros are done).

Test some BarOne and Amarula (for “quality-testing” purposes).


#8 Pour the oil in a pot, or your deep-fryer and heat. The ideal temperature is 180˚ C (use a sugar thermometer) or take a piece of dough and throw it in the oil. Once this piece browns the oil is ready. Just be careful if you are using a pot not to overheat the oil.


Testing. Testing 1-2-3.


#9 While the oil heats, scoop the churro dough in a piping/icing bag. Many of the tips are too small to make sizable churros. So, use your discretion (either use the small tip or remove the tips completely – like I did).

 Star tip still attached in the pic. Remove tip for bigger & more impressive churros.



#10 Squeeze the desired amount of mix out of the piping bag and cut the churro dough with scissors (before it splits) and allow it to gently plop into the oil.

Let’s Fry Away…



#11 Fry until golden brown and then pop it in the sugar-cinnamon bath and cover with the mix. Place it on the plate and add crushed peanuts if you so wish. Repeat the process.

Sparkle Notes: 1) Don’t pipe too many churros in the oil at once or it will be hard to control which ones are done; 2) If the churros are brown on the outside but gooey in the inside the oil is too hot. 3) Don’t try to multi-task at this stage. I did and buggered up my sauce but fixed it again – yay (but still don’t get all sparkle cowboy like me).

Let’s just sugar coat it.

#12 Once all the churro mix is done, fried and covered with a cinnamon-sugar coating, it’s sauce time. Throw in the BarOne pieces, with the vanilla essence and the Amarula in a medium saucepan and meltdown over a medium heat (stir continuously). Alcohol seizes chocolate – so if this happens just keep heating the sauce until it is smooth but still thick-ish (you can adjust with the Amarula).

Ama-chocolate-chocolate having a meltdown.




#13 If you are happy with the consistency, scoop into sauce bowls. If you like, pour crushed peanuts-and-sprinkles in one sauce bowl and add edible glitter for a bit of glamour, in the other.

So delectably saucy…


#14 Dress the churros in nuts, sprinkles and glitter, take a quick photo and enjoy immediately.


Amarula Nut Churros




Download  The Recipe Here.



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