Whatever’s in the Kitchen – Sparkle Dogs

Inspired by “Janu-Worry” and a day that there were no buns in the oven (and definitely none in the bread bin), Sparkle Dogs came to be. This recipe is highly adaptable, perfect to use if you have leftovers and basically you can use whatever is left in the kitchen to personalise your Sparkle Dog.

The recipe below is my interpretation; it’s easy to make, delicious and quick-quick.

Whatever’s Left in the Kitchen – Sparkle Dogs


  • Sliced White/Brown Bread (Two Slices Per Person)
  • Pack of Frankfurters (Any Sausage/Vienna Will Do)
  • Pack of Lean Bacon Strips (Two Strips Per Person)
  • Butter For Frying
  • 3 Tbsps. of Maple/Golden Syrup for Frying
  • 2 Tsps. Cayenne Pepper
  • Honey (1/4 Tsp Per Person or Less)
  • Tangy Mayo (1/4 Tsp Per Person or Less)
  • German Mustard (1/4 Tsp Per Person or Less)
  • Curry/Chilli Relish (1/8th Tsp Per Person)
  • String or Toothpicks
  • Grated Cheddar Cheese, Chopped Chives and Chilli Relish, To Finish (Optional)


#1 Take your sliced bread and cut the crusts off (keep to fry later for a little “schnack”). Taking a rolling pin or jar, roll the bread until flat and thin.

#2 Take the frankfurters and wrap the strips of bacon around it. Tie this in place with string or break a toothpick in half and pin the bacon in place.

#3 Add about two to three tablespoons of butter to a skillet, with the maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Over a medium heat brown and caramelise the mix (be careful not to burn it).

#4 Once the pan is sizzling, add the bacon wrapped frankfurters.

#5 Baste the sausages while cooking it and turn to ensure the bacon is crispy and caramelised on all sides.

#6 Set aside once the bacon has cooked and cut off the string or remove the toothpicks.

#7 Now lay down the rolled bread. There should be two slices per frankfurter. On each bread slice, spoon a little tangy mayo, mustard and honey in the centre; add chilli/curry relish for a bit of a kick.

#8 Place the frankfurters onto one of the slices of bread. And now wrap it with the other slice. Fold these over each other and tie off with string to keep it in place.

#9 To a pan, add a tablespoon or two of butter; brown the butter. Place the cut-off crusts and the bread-sausage in the pan. Toast on all sides.

#10 Once all is sufficiently toasted; place on a plate. Throw a bit of grated cheese, chopped chives and a bit of chilli relish over. You can cut the string or remove the toothpicks now. But if you are messy eater you can also use it to keep everything in place until you get halfway.

Enjoy! And remember to personalise it to suit your taste buds, dietary requirements or imagination.

Dem fried bits…mmm

Download the Sparkle Dog Recipe Here

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