Flipping The Strangling Pressures of Life

Good gracious but I am gatvol of the strangling pressures that life, social media, society, friends and I put on myself – whether inadvertently, or directly or not.

I am tired of being bombarded with images and messages of the “right” food, attitude, opinion, pant-size, weight-loss goal, job, blog title and/or the life I should be living.

I am bursting at the seams from information being force fed to me. Ranging from somewhat helpful, sometimes unsolicited and other times really crappy advice, facts and opinion.

And I am tantrum, throw my (empty) wine bottle on the floor, can-can-in-the-air, bursting an aorta tired of being told I am not enough or what I am doing isn’t enough – whether indirectly through clever imagery in the media (trying to sell me doo-doo I don’t need), people telling me to my face, or the lies I sometimes chant to myself “to be more perfect”!

Enough – I say. Enough… I am not Foie Gras. I am more than a number on a scale. I am more than a relationship status. I am more than my job title. I am more than other people’s expectations of me. I am more than how I failed people yesterday, today and tomorrow.

I am more than a puppet on a string. I am free and I will choose freedom systematically and continuously from this day forward until the day I breathe my last breath and then it will be a: “Wow breath. A giggle and a phew…what a ride of a lifetime!”

And not a: “Wow –but at least my coffin is light because I am skinny as a flippen’ parasitic tapeworm, my calorie-intake low and my diet Keto; AND, and, and.. even more importantly… my- résumé -long and boring as falalalalalala – type of last breath!”

I invite you to choose freedom too. Choose not to listen to what diets and crazy exercise plans people are on. Stop torturing yourself about your career or lack thereof.  Don’t meditate on your relationship status; that you have too many/or too few kids. Don’t let clever words and marketing convince you to buy fluff, puff and everything else in-between that you don’t need. Don’t allow so-called influencers to sell you a lifestyle you will never be able to achieve – it’s fake anyway and you are more than a plastic bimbo Barbie or Ken doll.  “Klap” anything for a super six that is trying to convince you, you are not enough. Avoid people who publicly parade your failures and shame you for your mistakes.

Flip the strangling pressures of life on its ugly, puss-infested-ogre-head and CHOOSE FREEDOM! Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!

Then perhaps at the end of your life, you can say TA-DA. And not WHOOPS, I forgot to live…

4 thoughts on “Flipping The Strangling Pressures of Life

  1. I’ would like to live it the way it so well said and its totally liberating. However, it is not reality, its a facade. I love to believe that we can jus bugger allll the demands placed on us.

    1. Hi Veni

      Thank you for your comment.

      Look I agree we won’t ever be free from society and obligations but we can do everything in our power to choose freedom at an internal level. I for example now hide or ask Social Media to filter out results that promote a certain size, diet, lifestyle or anything that promotes a poor self-image. I also choose not to internally accept lies that I or any person or medium tells me. If I even think a negative or rather ugly thought about myself – I stop myself and say no. I believe if we consistently choose freedom in small ways big freedom is absolutely attainable.

      Thank you for such a thought-provoking comment. It really made me stop and evaluate.

      Take care!
      Sparkle Ellie

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