Why is My Cat Licking Me?

Cats are seriously misunderstood, majestic beings. Contrary to popular belief they are not just interested in themselves and do actually communicate with others. The only problem is only 0.3 percent of the world’s population know how to speak cat (also known as Meow-Hiss-Purr) fluently. Here are a few reasons why your cat can’t stop licking you and what they are actually saying with every lick.

#1 Showing You Some TLC

There are numerous reasons why your cat may be licking you. Let’s start with a beautiful reason – your cat loves you and wants to show you affection. Just like you pat kitty (once or twice before getting a helpful swat to be reminded not to be so desperate for attention; or full-on-clawing for being a psychotically needy fur-parent) your kitty is trying to “love” you back. This unfortunately often happens during the hours you are attempting to get your eight (lol more like five) hours of beauty sleep… but you don’t care because knowing your kitty loves you and wants to show it, is all you need to keep you going and possibly coffee…lots of coffee.

#2 You Belong … To Me{ow}

Head bumps and licking are also a way for your kitty to claim you – affectionately and lovingly of course.

By your cat licking you and rubbing against you (especially when you have black pants or tights or particularly fur-prone coat on), he/she is marking you as his/her territory. And to say you are family mom/dad! And dare another cat cross your path when you leave the house – it is a warning – “this human has been claimed and allegiance has been sworn already so …toodle-kitty-loo-to-you puss”.

So simply put, your kitty’s scent may be so strong on you, that other cats may shy away from you – knowing you are already soulmates with another feline.

#3 Hush Little Baby

Your cat (especially if female) may have noticed that you aren’t the most efficient or best cat. So, she (possibly he) may be nurturing you… grooming you because dang girl or dude – you aren’t licking yourself enough. Have you gotten dead animals on top of being groomed by your cat? Ja, well your cat thinks you need feeding from a fresher source than your fridge. And please note, if your cat is licking you and bringing you half dead prey – it’s because he/she is teaching you to hunt, you incapable half-ling. But basically, your cat is licking you because you are family. How meow-rriffic is that?

#4 Cheer-Up Bald and Bad Cat…

Besides kitty licking you for the above reasons – you are often licked when your cat can sense you are sick or stressed. And because mommy cats lick their little ones sometimes to calm them down, your kitty may be doing this to calm you down. Also, they see you (the “bald” cat) aren’t grooming yourself; so, therefore you must be very down and inept; so, they will help you out – because they love you!

#5 You Taste Yummy Daddy or Mummy

If you have just finished cutting meat, eating sticky ribs, working with butter or something yum… sometimes rubbing on cream on your hands is yum enough…kitty may simply be licking you because they want some of that yumminess too! You taste delish mom/dad!

#6 At the Dead of Night

If your cat is licking you while you are sleeping, like between 12 and 3am. It’s because it is time for you to feed them, play with them or at the very least trip over them in the dark. You have three choices: obey, get exfoliated with their tongue (with those backwards-facing hooks on their tongues) or suffocate under the blankets and hope they bother someone else.

Just remember, your cat swears by licking and believes it feels good to you; they don’t think they are hurting you (they have razor-sharp claws and chompers for that). When a cat licks you, he/she is just trying to show some love, TLC and say you’re family bald one.

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