The Diet Industry was meant to FAIL YOU

The Diet Industry was meant to fail you. What it didn’t fail to do is make you feel fat, inadequate, looking for miracle cures and unhappy. No matter your size. No matter what the scale says. The Diet Industry is selling you dreams. And on the muffin top of it all, its “fixes” often result in you not only gaining ALL the weight back but picking a few extra kilos up along the way too.

There is a saying around casinos and gambling “the house always wins”. There are always a few people that win in the short term for the gambling industry and casinos to work, but in the long run, the “house” has to win to survive and thrive. The same is true for the Diet Industry – for it to be a “billion-cash-dollar” industry the house must always win. So, while people will generally have short-lived victories; eventually the products and plans will fail so that you can invest in another “miracle” pill/root/remedy/plan.

One of the problems with the Diet Industry is that it somehow creates “disciples” that worship the Industry. These are normal individuals that fiercely defend diets, pills, miracle cures and sometimes excessive exercising and ridiculing anyone that doesn’t say “ja” and “amen” to their views. For the blog, we will call them the “Diet Gestapo”. And this is the first of many problems I have with the Diet Industry.

The Diet Gestapo

The Diet Gestapo are devout believers of the Diet Industry. They have tried and do try every diet on the market and can get aggressive if you challenge their latest diet – often citing “scientific” research and some kind of dieting legend or influencer to justify their point of view. Sometimes even calling upon the cavemen for reference points.

The Diet Gestapo will also be the first to notice if someone has lost weight and point out if someone has gained weight. They often obsessively talk about food, meal prepping and shaming people who eat differently to them and will have a lot to say about your lunchbox.

If you encounter the Diet Gestapo – don’t argue with them. They are probably grumpy from the low carb and zero sugar/high-protein or vegan diet they are following now or the fasting plan they are on.

Don’t let them shame you or con you into following their latest miracle diet – citing that they lost 4.5 dress sizes in five weeks. In a year, they will be on a different diet and you will be left with shame, frustration and probably a few kilos heavier.

Side note: It’s about this time that the Diet Gestapo will abandon this blog – branding it as dark age mambo jumbo. To the Diet Gestapo I say – please repent and turn away from your psychotic ways, or goodbye and enjoy your life by your unhappy self.

The Problem with the Diet Gestapo and Diet Industry

The problem with Diet Gestapo and Industry are their motives. Both wholeheartedly and secretly want people to fail and pick-up weight. Perhaps for different reasons. One to make themselves feel better. The other to make more money.

The People Who Actually Help

The people that actually want to help individuals to be truly happy, at their ideal size and weight – not society’s idea of their ideal size and weight – and healthy, don’t shame you. They don’t start by pointing out what is wrong with you and your lifestyle. They don’t lure you in by making you believe you can achieve impossible sizes and your body was made to take a beating in the gym. No. They believe in showing you the benefits of being a healthier and more balanced you. They show you how good you feel when you eat healthy food but don’t deprive yourself of food you find pleasurable.

They teach you not to punish yourself when you do eat that chocolate cake, ice-cream or burger and nachos. But to enjoy your life fully. They encourage you to be active for the pure enjoyment – not as a punishment or way to counteract the carbs you ate, or the chocolate you indulged in or the glass of wine you wish to enjoy. It’s not about shaming, naming and competition.

It’s about living your best life; accepting you may never be the size you were in your teens and be healthy, happy and nourishing your body the way you should. It’s about realising being active is fun and that there is more to exercise than going to the boring gym. Think – Bounce Fitness, Belly Dancing, Pole Fitness, Aerial Yoga, doing themed races and even walking your dog or a dog (ask your neighbour) around your suburb.

It’s about making an appointment at a Dietician and/or Nutritionist (that aren’t affiliated to a pill/shake/product/miracle cure/supplement) if you need some help instead of being caught in the vicious Diet Industry cycle. It’s about respecting yourself and respecting others not to shame, blame or ridicule. It’s about freedom.

The question is – do you want to be free?

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2 thoughts on “The Diet Industry was meant to FAIL YOU

  1. Added to this; several medical reasons for why people put on weight exist. I find that the medical side of weight gain is overlooked – too often.

    1. Hey Madre

      Thanks for this. This is very true.

      I even definitely see a link with my bout of insomnia with weight gain. It is very frustrating.
      Of course, cortisone is a common medication linked to weight gain and so many others.

      I appreciate this note.

      Sparkle regards
      Sparkle Ellie

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