Why does my cat do that?

There are people who love cats and then there are people who have never loved a cat in the right way (people who claim not to be cat people but actually would be cat people if they were mature and intelligent enough to be loved and be mentored by a cat, like we cat people do and are). No matter which category you fall into – there is one thing that can be agreed upon – cats behave strangely. Whether it be the 3 am chirps, howls or “catcalls” or the way they groom themselves, their eating or sleeping habits, or the way they stare at you in a serial killer type way – cats do the strangest things. 


Have you ever seen a cat with zoomies? Zoomies is when a cat runs like a “bat-out-of-a-well” for sometimes no reason – tearing up the carpets, the walls, the furniture – as he/she chases through his/her home and garden at high speeds. It is both hilarious and mesmerising to watch. Cats also sometimes mock charge toys and fur-siblings during their burst of energy.

Why do cats get the zoomies?

Cats sleep a large portion of their day (around 16 hours), which sometimes results in a build-up of energy. When their energy levels reach a certain point they surge and run around like lunatics trying to expend it all. That’s largely why zoomies seem uncontrolled, silly and usually occurs at high speeds. Zoomies are also a way for kitties to remain active, healthy and a sign that they are joyful and happy. 

If zoomies seem frantic and too frequent – it can be a sign of underlying health issues. So, it could warrant a vets visit.

Kkkkk chatter sounds at birds/prey

Have you ever seen a cat perhaps sitting in a windowsill looking out at birds with intensity and suddenly they make a strange kkkkkk sound, their whiskers almost vibrate, with their mouth being slightly open, and undulating?

So why do cats do that?

Although some of the reasoning behind this is unclear, many sources believe that cats are seeing something they want to catch and eat. The kkkkk sounds and mouthing actions is the cat trying to “taste” the birdie or prey, taking in as much data as possible from the object of their desire.

So, like you drool when you smell a braai or smelling goods bake in the oven or when you are near a Cinnabon store – cats kkkkk. There is also information that suggests cats chatter at prey out of excitement or frustration of seeing prey so close but just not getting to it.

An interesting theory is that cats sometimes imitate their prey (Cathealth.com). Scientists have found cats imitating monkeys as a way to hunt. So, perhaps the cats make the chatter sound, much like birds do as a method to lure them to their deaths. 

Covering their food bowl

Have you witnessed a cat covering their food bowl and act like they would in a litterbox? Almost as though they are “covering” their bowl with their paws and something imaginary.

So why do cats cover or “scratch” over their food bowls?

Firstly, a cat is not covering his/her food because he/she thinks it tastes like litterbox “presents” or saying the food is unpalatable. And cats aren’t scavengers – so generally they are not covering it to eat it later. 

When cats cover their food, they are eliminating hints of their presence. It’s the same feline logic that makes them cover their business in a litterbox. Cats cover their food to eliminate hints of their presence. So, why the bizarre behaviour?

The reason behind covering their food is that they are afraid another more aggressive kitty (or sibling) may claim their territory or spot, or they don’t want potential prey (such as rats, bugs and the like) to know of their presence and they don’t want larger prey to know that they are around. 

Drinking out of the tap

Have you ever witnessed a kitty jumping up at the kitchen sink or when you are just about to wash your hands in the bathroom and demand a consistent trickle of water to drink?

Why do cats do that?

Cats like most animals are made for survival. They are quite in tune and able to sense if something isn’t quite right in their environment. Having fresh and clean water is essential to their survival and flowing, debris-free water fits the bill. While on the topic on how kitties like their water… they don’t like it near their food bowls – they prefer it separate. One of the reasons is also that next to the food bowl debris easily fall in.

Does your cat do anything strange and explained? Let us hear it – in the comments below or on social media. 

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