21 Declarations for 2021

We have been going through a collective trauma. Heck, we are still going through a chafing, super-restrictive and at times a deadly collective trauma. No one can say they haven’t been affected by the Coronavirus. Whether directly by infection or indirectly through cancelled plans, hopes and/or dreams, we have all been “klapped” in one way or another by “Rona”. Despite all the negativity, sadness and the dire reality of the situation, I am not giving up on 2021. Here are some daily declarations I am going to speak over my life and year, and I invite you to write out positive declarations and stick them up somewhere in your house to do the same.

21 Declarations for 2021

#1 I encourage myself and I encourage others proactively, abundantly, and always with love. 

#2 I am favoured.

#3 I am blessed in my coming and I am blessed in my going. My storehouse is blessed. My heart is blessed. My hands are blessed. My head is blessed. My health is blessed. My work is blessed.

#4 I am a blessing to others.

#5 I am loved.

#6 I am not defined by my mistakes or my past.

#7 I am a conqueror and an overcomer. I will fight against despair, poor mindsets and attitudes, and injustice.

#8 I am good. I am kind. I am generous. I am filled with love and I love others.

#9 I am creative and a problem solver.

#10 I choose to be happy and positive despite my circumstances.

#11 I am wise and make wise decisions.

#12 “I can’t” is not in my vocab.

#13 I spread light and love with my words and actions.

#14 I DO NOT allow fear to control me. I am bold.

#15 I matter. I make a difference. I am worthy.

#16 The best lies before me. My past lies behind me.

#17 Failure will not paralyse me. But will inspire me.

#18 I am never alone.

#19 I choose to do the right thing especially when no one is watching.

#20 I will act today. I will not procrastinate.

#21 I am enough.

Download the declarations here.

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