How To Break Free From a Sugar Addiction: A “Recipe” for Success

Oops, I am a sugar addict. Yip, I said it. I love sugar in any way it manifests its delicious self. I love baking with it; sharing it with others and consuming it in many forms (from artificial to natural – in bread, in wine or the brownies I bake for my loved ones). I just downright L-O-V-E it. And people often tease and say they love coming to my house because they leave feeling satisfied and possibly with Type Two Diabetes.


But like most adults, I am aware that just because I love something doesn’t mean I should shower in it, inhale it or throw all my money at it. Neither should I let my adoration for sugar in all its forms become a spiralled-out-of-control-freight-train catapulting me in the clutches of addiction.



I have always been fit-ish – loved the idea of being fit without full on committing and any fit-fan will tell you diet is a massive part of fitness, health and having a fab (not flab) bod. So, I know this sugar-addiction gig doesn’t quite fit in with my fit-ish philosophy and once again I find myself conflicted – I love the idea of being fit and healthy, but I love eating Oh, My Sparkle Balls, Brookies, Fookies and Brittle with red wine. Siiiiiigh…


Usually, the tipping point is when I put on my fat jeans and they fit slightly better than a glove – more like sausage casings. And my normal jeans – that I murdered over my hips, jumped up, and camel-toed in place – won’t come together. As in, between the jean button and the hole there is a stubborn lump of lard – and no matter how hard I tuck, smack, squish and suck-in my “boepie” – nothing showed. It’s usually at this point – when sweat is pouring down my face and out my tear ducts that I realise – I am a flippen sugar addict.




There is very little else as depressing as realising “I got fat”. It makes you feel meh, sad and you just want to climb in your duvet and eat something “carby”. You feel uncomfortable in your skin, in your clothes and around people.


Anyway – so here I am– at the “I got fat” stage. And I know the reasons I am here is one, I haven’t been exercising enough and two, I can’t control my portion size and what I eat when I have let my sugar addiction freight train through my life.




But luckily, I now know a recipe to break free from my addiction and get me on the right track. I am not a doctor and certainly wouldn’t recommend anyone with known medical issues go against medical judgment, but I am sharing how I break free and get myself on the healthy track.




1) Recipe for Success: The One Week Meal Plan




This recipe I got from a lady, who got it from a lady, who needed to lose weight for heart surgery. Many people claim to lose up to 11 kilos a week from this plan (I am not sure how long it lasts). I have lost between 4 -6 centimetres (on my hips and waist) before. But I don’t follow this diet for weight loss. I do it because after a week of strict eating, my cravings are gone, and I can control my portion size again. Leading me to the path of righteousness…

So here is how I successfully kick my sugar addiction:




As a sidenote: I have substituted the soup with a can of low-calorie Woolies vegetable soup (per day) and a teaspoon of Marmite in boiling water (as I get hungry) and it worked as well.

Download the Week Plan for Free


2) Recipe for Success: Do Something That Sticks


Get Fit fo Success


We should all exercise. I don’t like exercising and if you love exercising, I don’t like you. But not all exercise was created equal. If gym isn’t for you, walk in your suburb. If that’s not for you go hiking, take up cycling, mountain biking, horse riding, belly dancing, yoga in front of the TV or download an exercise app.


Find something that sticks and dedicate at least 30 minutes a day, for three days of your week to do it. Just an hour and 30 minutes of your 168-hour week can be a recipe for success.


Healthy Living


In the end, how we treat our bodies – is very important. The more balanced we are – the more bold and confident we can be. Let’s move from being addicted to sugar, to being addicted to bettering ourselves.


Food quote


Please share your recipes for success and struggles in the comment section below. Or just say hello so that I know that people haven’t given up on reading. Toodles!

8 thoughts on “How To Break Free From a Sugar Addiction: A “Recipe” for Success

    1. Thank you Nicola. I appreciate the comment. Have a lovely day. 🙂

    1. Hi Shyma

      Thanks for your comment and vouching for this diet. It is truly an amazing diet and really helps to break free from a sugar/salt/junk food and especially in my case – a cookie addiction.

      I really appreciate your feedback.

      Have a lovely day.

      Warm and sparkle regards,
      Sparkle Ellie

    1. Hi Anati

      Thanks so much for the comment.

      Have a blessed twenty-twenty.

      Sparkle Ellie

  1. Im on a diet but going to try this now.Using gummy berrie juice also im on leave for one week want to look better when im starting and im insillien resistant also so hold thumps for me

    1. Hi Louisa

      Thanks for the comment.

      Do you know what is working for me long-term? A nutritionist/dietician. The diet thing did not work for me longer than a few months.

      This diet works to break the cycle of a sugar addiction but not something you can maintain longer than a week or two.

      I highly recommend professional help to anyone.

      All the best and remember you are beautiful no matter your pant size.

      Xxx Sparkle Ellie

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