5 Types of Fur-Parents

Whether you are a dog person, a cat person or a parrot or other weird pet person, you will more than likely identify with one of these five types. This doesn’t apply to horses – there is more like 50 types of horse owners (all of whom are slightly off the rails) and all trying to recover from some vet bill.

For the sake of this blog, we will refer to pet owners as fur-parents because that’s basically what they/we/you are.

Anyway, let’s get in the type of pet owners or parenting styles…



#1 The Breed Soulmate

This fur-parent is committed to a certain breed, usually Dachshund, Beagles and Yorkies in dogs and Siameses, Maine Coons and Sphinxes in cats.




The Breed Soulmate may have other pets; but they stay true to their favoured breed and have every coffee mug, key ring, sticker (including a bumper sticker or car ornament for the back window), the collector’s item t-shirt, the welcome mat or sign, several artworks and perhaps even a scatter cushion or ornament or two dedicated to this breed.


Somewhere written on something are the words “Yorkies for life” or “>insert the favoured breed here< for life”.


Typical Maine Coon “High-Five”


Social Media Habits:

If the Breed Soulmate is on Facebook they are on every group of the breed that they love. For example, for Dachshunds: Dachshund Rescue, Dachy’s Rehoming/Rescue or Dachy’s of Bapsfontein/Nigel/PTA/RSA/Afghanistan and more. And these fur-parents will also share every post of that breed that has gone missing, been found, or in desperate need of a home.


They will also tell the plebs (or people not as committed to the breed) to re-post posts from the general groups, on the breed-specific groups; almost as though it holds more authority than the general lost and found/ animal shelter groups.


Every single article, meme, post or blog on social media about their beloved, chosen breed, is loved, shared, posted to other’s timelines, fellow breed lovers are tagged, and links are shared via WhatsApp too. All of their Facebook friends also tag them in every post of the breed.



#2 Cru-Ella Du Villiers

Cru-Ella Du Villiers are classified under the neglectful parents’ category.




These are the type of pet owners that don’t mind leaving their dog or cat etc. in the dark, food bowl empty while they enjoy their lives. They also don’t really bother to make arrangements for the fur-babies when they go on holiday and therefore, are abhorred by their neighbours. They may have a dog/cat or some animal shirt – but it was given to them by their Aunt Suzie and it only comes out when the drain is blocked, the house needs painting or nothing in their cupboard is clean.


Their animals are more-nice to haves and the thing they occasionally play with once every few years when they cruelly stick sticky-tape to their feet or something equally crappy.



Social Media Habits:

They may post about one of their animals on Facebook… but only because they had to be put down (inconveniently) or they suddenly get the urge to give their animal away and think Social Media is the cheapest way to go about it. They may or may not have once liked a post about an animal and shared a cat meme or two.



#3 The Collectors

The Collectors are on a slippery slope between good and not so good.




The Collectors have over five animals – all of whom are rescues or “showed up”. The rescues may vary between dogs and cats… sometimes rabbits and other animals. Besides owning at least five fur-babies they often foster several for a shelter or until they can be rehomed (which hardly ever happens).


There is a fine line between good and evil with the Collectors. Good = their home is brimming with fur-kids, where you look there is a wagging tail or a grooming queen – all fat, healthy with all vacs up to date (the owners not so much). Bad = their home is over capacity, droppings, vomit and stuff is found all over the house; the litter box ratio is unmentionable; possible wagging tails and gaunt looking queens – unsterilised and on their fifth litter; the owners’ intentions were good – but they moved from the rescuer to the animal hoarder category.


The Collectors were normal five dogs or cats (or other animals) ago.



Social Media Habits:

Collectors are on every animal rescue group and shelter page; and are on a first name basis with the shelter managers. When not trying to rehome their fosters, they are trying to find homes for animals that will be put down in x amount of days if they don’t get a home. They also share every missing pet post and celebrate every time an animal is reunited with an owner.


They tag everyone they know in posts to create awareness for some or other cause and sign petitions to free bears in Romania or dogs in South Korea.



#4 On-the-Bandwagons…

On-the-Bandwagons have a pet or two (not ever really more).




The On-the-Bandwagons have a dog or two; possibly a cat that is hardly ever home. It’s not that these fur-parents don’t particularly like or dislike animals – they just own one because everyone owns a pet. The pets generally sleep outside and are in goodish condition.


Social Media Habits:

They may sometimes “aaaaah” at a puppy, kitty or panda post or hit the heart button on the post. Only if they know the owners of a missing pet, they will share the post – otherwise, they are quite frugal with the button.




#5 The Fur-Parents and Fur-Grandparents

The Fur-Parent or Grand-parents own several animals and speak fluent fur-language.




For this type of owner, there is no difference between the humans and the fur-kids in the home. Beds are for the fur-kids, the humans lie on the rest of the available space and if there is a bit of blanket left, they are privy to that too. There is no space that is out of bounds for the fur-babies and no object they aren’t allowed to chew, scratch, lie on or eat (unless it is bad for them like grapes and raisins). These types of owners speak to their furry halves (“Yes, yes I know you are hungry…”) and can tell with one look whether their babies are naughty, mischievous, angry, self-righteous, upset, proud, greedy or jealous.


Fur-Parents and Fur-Grandparents will hire professional photographers to take family portraits. In addition, the fur-kids only eat the top of the range vet-approved, gourmet food and a whole range of gourmet wet-food.


Fur-parents seem to sniffle out other fur-parents and talk about their babies.


Holidays? What are holidays? If the fur-kids don’t go with – there will be no holiday-going at all.


And oh ja – these fur-parents have at least 20 animal themed mugs/pens/notepads/signs/ welcome mats/ slippers/pjs/blankies etc.



Social Media Habits:

Fur-Parents and Fur-Grandparents have their fur-kids all over Social Media. Albums-full of photos can be found on Facebook and Instagram is rife with cute photos and hilariously punny captions. Sometimes the fur-kids even have their own insta-accounts or pages. And some even start blogs… called Sparkle Paws or something similar because they love their babies so much. But the point is – everyone knows all about the fur-kids (sometimes to the point of annoyance).


Besides sharing and loving their own animal posts, Fur-parents are active on shelter pages on Facebook. They will share, donate any expendable (sometimes not so expendable) cash to assist animals in needs and try and make sure more people adopt furry kids in need. They love sharing about their babies and talking to other fur-parents – swapping stories, advice, tales about furries that have passed on and crossed the rainbow bridge, and more.


Fur-parents also sign petitions to free bears in Romania or dogs in South Korea, like the Collectors.


For Fur-Parents having furries in their homes isn’t a responsibility, but a privilege.



So those are the five, general fur-parents/pet owners you get. Let us know which one you are on Social Media!


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